Elena Levterova artist work

Elena Levterova artist work

The artist of applied art Elena Levterova is living and working now in Limassol Cyprus.

Elena Levterova studied graphics and miniature on birch bark from Boris Churilov Honored Master of Art of Ukraine

Together with the late Boris Churilov (1938-2008) Elena Levterova was engaged in inventing a new, not previously existed drawing technique on birch bark later adopted by many other artists in Russia.


With finely sharpened pencils, Elena Levterova put the finishing touches on the line of the soft, pliable bark. 

Ancient Russian churches, Armenian churches images of saints, framed by ornate ornament were erected and presented in exhibitions in Moscow, Mikhaylovskiy Museum Reserve (Russia), Kharkiv, Donetsk, Mariupol (Ukraine) and Minsk (Belarus).

Now Elena Levterova is an amateur painter. Her first steps in painting on a canvas are presented to your judgement. Painting is a new hobby though her love remains to working with bark and Boris Churilov.

Oil Miniature 31x28. 2014  Миниатюра маслом. Харьков 2013 Елена Левтерова.jpg

Oil Miniature 31×28. 2014 Миниатюра маслом. Харьков 2013

Даша. Масло. Харьков 2015. Елена Левтерова Portrait. Oil.  45x30. 2015.JPG

Даша. Масло. Харьков 2015. Portrait. Oil. 45×30. 2015